Biker Girl’s Real Love Story on Online Biker Dating Website

Harley Dating

I dream of falling in love with the Mr. right, who doesn’t ride on a giant and strong horse, but the most powerful Harley Davidson bike who can take me to a remote rally to chase sunset with. It sounds unreal but more than perfect and I have had no idea that it could be so close to me before I started using online biker dating website.

I have never been an extroverted biker girl, that’s why I prefer finding to my biker guy online to the conventional way of biker dating. Unlike how awkward I could behave in real life, I become a real biker dating expert once registered on the most popular online Harley dating site. I know perfectly how to flirt and take things offline with the biker women and biker guy I have an interest in. Because of my advanced conversational skills, I never had a boring fling who also enjoy the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. However, it was on a normal afternoon that my life was changed because of the Harley motorcycle rider I met on free motorcycle dating website.

He’s different. That’s the first thing I realized. After having talked with a huge number of motorcycle man and motorcycle women, I manage to get to know their real intentions after a few exchange of conversation. But this motorcycle guy, who is different from the rest of motorcycle girls and motorcycle men that I met online, he is different. The biker dude is different because he is genuine and straightforward, which makes me start to trust him more than I would usually do. Moreover, it is hard to figure my biker gentlemen out. Even though he doesn’t overthink, but my biker dude go with the flow and respect his own feeling more than anyone else do. I still recall our first date offline, which was scheduled in a fancy French restaurant where a drop of white wine cost a fortune. That night, I was well dressed and was on the way to the restaurant with my biker babe. And the motorcycle dude changed his mind suddenly and said: “Let’s do something else that can let free the Harley motorcycle riders living inside us.” Such a powerful line which could make every biker chick and motorcycle chick in the world malt. In the end, we were riding on our Harley Davidson bikes and end up eating cheese burgers at a local food stand.

And I believe, it was on that day, I started to show my vulnerabilities to my biker boyfriend and let the Harley motorcycle rider that I truly value enter my heart. Today it is the fourth anniversary of our wedding and we are going to celebrate it by participating in a bike rally.

Being able to share your number one passion with the motorcycle enthusiast you love the most in the world makes my life a dream. And I hope every single Harley rider will have the chance to experience it.