How to start small talk on online motorcycle dating websites


Does it sound heartbreaking if hundreds of thousands of Harley motorcycle riders on online biker dating websites but not a single one of them replies your message on free Harley dating site? It’s actually a story that every biker guy or biker girls experiences every day on online biker dating sites. With online biker dating apps, there is so much to think about. For example, single Harley riders have to perfect their bio, pick the best pictures, work your way through the confusing algorithm on online biker dating platforms before you even set off to look for the compatible biker women or biker man. And today, single Harley riders will get to know the unwritten online biker dating rules when it comes to start a conversation.

Forget about saying “Hey, what’s up” to your Harley motorcycle rider.
The goal is to stand out from the great number of biker women and biker man and grab the attention of your potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend. Since any motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy can say “Hi”, there is very little chance that you’ll be remembered by your Harley chick or Harley dude. Stop being shy on biker planet dating websites! Be confident and send something funny or a bit out of line to leave an impression on your biker women or biker man. The last thing you want to do is to be an every single Harley rider who enjoys Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle on free biker dating websites.

Keep it simple, and straight to the point
The founder of the largest online biker dating platform once said: “Keep it simple and straight to the point.” which is one of the most important key to obtain success on online biker dating websites. If you turn to cheesy gifs or romantic chat up lines, chances are you will be ignored by the potential motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentleman. Instead, just get straight into a nice and flowing convo with the motorcycle women or motorcycle man. For instance, ask your biker chick or biker dude how’s their day going so far, or what’s their last ride on their Harley Davidson bike is like.

Start with a genuine compliment
Start the conversation with your motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls with a compliment. Compliment can easily bring up the spirit of your man biker or women biker. And it’s not hard to do at all: all you need to do is to go through the profile page of the man biker or women biker, then pick out something you like about their photos to show you’ve actually made an effort to establish a connection on online biker dating apps.

Personalize the message sent to your Harley chick or Harley dude.
You don’t have to tell your Harley motorcycle rider to prove your message isn’t being sent to every single Harley rider. All you need to do is to make reference to their bio or something on their profile that’s shown on online motorcycle dating apps.