Things Never Say While Online Dating

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Online biker dating has gradually become the mainstream way for male Harley riders and female Harley riders to conduct an active social life. And the reason why online motorcycle dating has attracted a huge number of biker girls and biker guys is the high efficiency as well as convenience this kind of modern dating method provided to biker women and biker men. And today we have invited the online biker dating expert who has been working for online Harley dating sites for more than a decade, to talk about the things you should never say to your motorcycle girls or motorcycle guys on online motorcycle dating websites.

“Can I have a look at your phone?”
For the married Harley motorcycle riders, free biker dating sites might seem like a novelty. However, for a single Harley rider, they represent real true efforts to find a compatible Harley motorcycle rider to share the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle with. Thus, when you ask the question to your motorcycle women or motorcycle man, you are considering those efforts the Harley girls or Harley guy made as a thoughtless game of Candy Crush. And it will certainly offend some Harley motorcycle riders.

“When will be the good time to get married?”
Meeting a compatible Harley motorcycle rider on online biker dating websites isn’t like meeting them on a set-up blind date. Don’t ask something that forces your potential biker boyfriend or biker girlfriend to think that it’s a hurry to take the relationship to another level.

“Don’t tell your biker friends that we met online.”
Before, the idea of online Harley dating is always associated to desperate single Harley riders who have little chance in finding a compatible motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude online. however, the mindset has greatly changed today and more and more Harley girls and Harley guys take online motorcycle dating a fashion, up to date, efficient and convenient way to meet other like-minded Harley chicks and Harley guys. Thus, asking a question like this to your potential motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentlemen will only expose your old mindset, which is not a sexy trait to a man biker or women biker.

“Why are you into Harley Davidson bikes so much?”
To make a Harley motorcycle rider doubt that you guys will have a lot of common ground, you just need to ask this question. Since in the world of online motorcycle dating, no biker women or biker man ever doubt their love and passion for Harley Davidson bikes. And they would ride on the classic, giant and powerful machine to chase sunset, sunrise, or anything that’s interesting and beautiful in the world.

“Another biker girl on online biker dating site is really into it too.”
Even though it is totally natural for Harley chicks and Harley dudes to talk to more than one Harley motorcycle rider, it’s not an exciting news to say it to the face of your biker chick or biker dude.

Commandments of Online Biker Dating

Harley Dating, Harley Girls, Harley Men

Online biker dating is a game for male Harley riders and female Harley riders to conduct an active social life. One minute biker girls and biker guy are raving about your new single Harley rider you met on online Harley dating site – the next, biker women and biker man realize that they are sitting opposite motorcycle guy or motorcycle guys who is a total stranger. The single Harley riders wishing to find the like-minded Harley motorcycle rider take things offline by taking a cup of coffee while wondering why on earth you swiped right.

In a sea of different kinds of motorcycle women and motorcycle man and other equally complex creatures, when it comes to the world of online Harley dating, it’s easy to feel like you’re lonely and could never find the like-minded motorcycle girls or motorcycle guys online.

And 5 online biker dating websites have interviewed more than 1,000 Harley women and Harley men who revealed the biggest issues they’ve had with online motorcycle dating. In order to navigate successfully the murky waters of free biker dating sites and actually find a biker chick and biker dude you can share the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle and enjoy riding on Harley Davidson bikes together, you will need to be fully prepared and to get started, there are a few online biker dating tips, or you could call commandments, that you will need to bear in mind.

To follow the carefully selected online biker dating advice, let’s start by abandoning the outdated online motorcycle dating rules such as “playing hard to get” to rehearse the bad date exit strategy of Harley women and Harley men, and here are the commandments of online biker dating for you to follow.

Single Harley riders don’t say things they don’t mean. Harley motorcycle riders are straightforward, honest or even stubborn. So when we meet the biker chicks and biker dudes we fancy online, it’s sometimes tempting for some biker ladies and biker gentlemen to be a people pleaser the hope that your affections will be reciprocated.

However, a straightforward compliment at an early time can be rather risky. Compliments like “your have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen” and “you’re more irresistible than whiskey coke” don’t ways do your favors. Because either it will seem like you’re being a little bit desperate or motorcycle dudes or motorcycle chicks will not take you seriously. In a word, if you mean it, don’t be afraid to say it. If not, don’t try to impress your biker crush with a lousy pick-up line.

The traditional greeting is not appreciated nowadays. Among thousands of hundreds of Harley chicks and Harley dudes who are looking for a compatible Harley motorcycle rider, it is of great importance to stand out from the rest. Thus, the traditional way of greeting such as “Hi”, “Hey” or “What’s up cutie” will not attract the eyes of your motorcycle crush at most times.

All You Need to Know about Polyamory in Biker Dating

Harley Dating, Harley Girls

As infidelity being talked about more and more among single Harley riders on all sorts of biker dating sites, as one of the most successful biker dating websites with the largest member base consisting of more than 3.2 millions motorcycle men and motorcycle women, we have to clarify one thing for Harley riders-cheating is way more different from dating multiple Harley men or Harley women at the same time. Here comes the biker dating tip of today on Harley dating sites-we have assembled all the essential points you need to know about polyamory.

To figure out why is polyamory different from infidelity and why it is rather popular among a tremendous amount of biker gentlemen and biker girls, you have to know what it is first. According to its official definition, polyamory is a practice of intimate and nonexclusive relationships between two acknowledged and consenting motorcycle guy and motorcycle girl. Let’s put it in a more understandable way-by practicing polyamory, a male biker or a female biker can date multiple Harley motorcycle riders at the same time with his/her biker partner being acknowledged.

So now you will definitely have a better understanding of what I’m talking about, but another question raised from a huge number of biker chicks-why would any biker single practice polyamory in a relationship?

Whether you would admit it or not, being able to be attracted to more than one motorcycle dudes or motorcycle chicks is the human nature of all riders or Harley Davidson bike. By recognizing and admitting the fact that you want to not only sleep, but also develop a deeper connection with multiple biker babes from biker dating site, acting on it is also a doable option. By practicing a seemingly niche Harley motorcycle lifestyle, it’s not necessary anymore for you to endure a heartbroken break up with your Harley male or Harley female, instead, both of you will have the right to seek much more than being in a traditional way of biker dating. According to a study conducted by one of the most popular free biker dating sites, the freedom and multiple choices given by practicing polyamory can strengthen motorcycle relationship instead of doing merely harm to them, as most of motorcycle enthusiasts would think.

Aside from all the pros of dating multiple motorcycle babes, it is of equal importance to know the cons. One of which is that it’s the cause of jealousy.
Even though you have already reached an agreement with your biker boyfriend or biker girlfriend and both of you know, as well as allowed to date other biker singles, but jealousy is inevitable when seeing your special Harley rider spending quality time and forming a deep connection with another men Harley riders or women Harley riders. And keep in mind that jealousy is the main cause of misunderstanding, dispute or even a break up.

Polyamory, or open relationship is another option provided for you to improve your motorcycle dating experience. Whether it’s monoamory or polyamory, live a biker lifestyle that truly suits you is what matters the most.

How to Approach the Biker Girls or Biker Guy You Like Online

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If you are one of the Harley motorcycle riders who want to conduct an active social life by meeting other like-minded male Harley riders or female Harley riders, signing up on the free biker dating sites can be one of the easiest and most convenient options for you. However, the success rate for you to find a compatible biker girls or biker guy can be quite slim if you don’t know the right biker dating rules and the steps to approach the biker man or biker women that you are interested in. Thus, the online biker dating site has invited the most famous relationship consultant who has been studying motorcycle dating for more than 7 years to talk about the most important Harley dating rules of how to approach your ideal motorcycle girls or motorcycle guys online.

First of all, read their profile thoroughly. It happens to a lot man biker as well as women biker who want to save time and energy who skip all the key information before sending the first message to their biker matches. And it always ends up badly because it will always be hard for you to stand out if your message is going to be buried among thousands of hundreds of similar ones of your motorcycle women or motorcycle man. Thus, the very first message matters the most if you want to catch the attention of your Harley girls or Harley guy. After reading their profile page, you can send them the first message by asking a question about the detailed information they have mentioned in their bio. For example, if the biker chicks or biker dude you like is into riding on their Harley Davidson bike on a remote alley, don’t hesitate and ask “Would you want to ride on a Harley Davidson bike with me and chase the sunset sometime?”. I am sure that this kind of message will stand out from a huge amount of other plain and dull “Hi” and “What is up”.

Secondly, learn how to build the fire and tension while talking with your Harley women or Harley man. That’s the only way to have a successful date with your Harley girls or Harley guy. In order to flirt with your biker babes in an effective way, it is strongly recommended to hold the conversation as if you are playing volleyball: pass the ball back and forth. It will be much more fun and sexier if the motorcycle ladies and motorcycle gentlemen are both taking initiatives instead of just one party. To know how to flirt over messages on online biker dating sites, check the biker dating tip section where you can find a slew amount of different motorcycle dating rules that can help your dating life immensely.

Last but certainly not least, be yourself and adopt your own freedom of expression in front of your ideal motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes. Because it is always the hottest when someone knows what he or she is doing!

Tips for group Harley motorcycle riding

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Invite your biker girl to go ride for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle camping travel if you are ready to love her.

There are a variety of colorful events in Harley motorcycle riders’ daily lives. One of the most exciting activities is Harley motorcycle group riding. But you can always see motorcycle athletes getting hurt in some competitions on TV, which means that riding in a group can be a little risky even for expert bikers. For the same reason, if you are a Harley rider enthusiast who wants to join a big group motorcycle riding, you have to remember to pay attention to your safety. Here are some tips that may help you.

1. Find a partner with you
There will be many bikers who come from different countries in the group riding. They have different values and beliefs. You may make some mistakes when you communicate with others if you don’t know your teammates very well. But things will become simple if you find a like-minded biker partner on the biker dating sites to ride with you. Thus, you two can take care of each other on the road.

2. Prepare essentials in advance
As far as we know, nobody can forecast the future. But what we can do is preparing well everything in case that some unexpected accidents will happen. For example, you should give more biker partners your phone number and get the phone number of them at the same time. Because, when you get lost, you can get in touch with other single bikers soon. They will help you out of trouble in a short time.

3. Ride with a plan
Before your riding, you would better make a good plan of the route and discuss the signals, space and other details with your partners. After all, your sight may be limited by the large group of Harley Davidson motorcycle riders. That’s when you need your partner to give you the right signal. Otherwise, you will probably get into trouble sometimes. Besides, make sure that everyone knows the destination and the correct route.

4. Control your speed
It is the most important thing that you can’t ride at a very fast speed. Because you will never know if there is a traffic jam in the corner that caused by a biker who is riding in front of you who brakes suddenly. So you should control your speed and keep a safe distance from other bikers to avoid this bad result.

5. Learn to give up
You have to admit that not all things will go well as you expect. When you find some bikers deliberately ride at a strange speed which disturbs you and other bikers. You should consider giving up this group Harley bike riding before more serious problems happen. In a word, you need to make a quick and wise decision to keep away from the coming quarrel.

Despite that there are some unstable factors indeed, group motorcycle riding is still a unique biker dating idea for every biker enthusiast. Anyway, it provides more opportunities for biker singles to meet more like-minded people. It is believed that you will enjoy a wonderful group motorcycle riding if you can take the above advises.

When is the Right Time to Have a Motorcycle Traveling Dating

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The right time to have a motorcycle trip with your Harley woman

Days ago, you’ve met a single Harley woman who shares the same passions and tastes with you. Both of you are really interested in each other and you want to ride out for a motorcycle dating with her. But you begin to wonder that is it too early to spend so much time on a motorcycle. And you are also worrying that she will expect much more than you can give. You really love traveling with your motorcycle and your Harley girl also enjoys motorcycle trip, which will allow you to have a great time and will further promote your romantic relationship to a higher level.

1. Expectations will arise definitely
Since both of you are keen on biking and motorcycle traveling, a successful trip will absolutely allow her to think that you are a perfect couple in the world. So, if you are not ready to consider her as your only biker date in your life, you’d better not to raise that dating idea. Or, if you really want to ride out with her to have some fun, then you can tell her that, “I’d love to have a motorcycle date with you to have some fun together. But it is just a normal date and don’t take it too seriously.”If she gets too attached and expects more from you but you do not want to keep the relationship, you can at least tell her that,”I told you so.”

2. Have short ones before a long-distance trip
You need to see if you both can have a better experience with each other. There are many things you should take into consideration if you will carry a passenger to have a motorcycle trip that will last several days. For example, you need to get familiar with the hand signals for communication when you are riding on the road, and to know better about the eating habits of each other.

3. Do it romantically
Since you consider it as a date, then you should do it romantically. A long distance motorcycle trip can help you see whether or not you two are mutually compatible and can understand each other well. No matter how long you’ve been dating, having a motorcycle traveling is one of the best tests for two single bikers to see how they get along as a couple.

Dating tips for Halrey men dating a Halrey chick

Harley Girls

Read some tips about how to date a Harley man if you are interested in motorcycle dating.

Actually, it’s not easy for a single Harley man to meet a like-mind Harley chick in daily life. So after you finding a girl riding a Harley motorcycle, you must hold the hard-won chance to show your true love. You need to avoid some dating mistakes as possible as you can when you are dating with your Harley Davidson girl. Otherwise, the babe will misunderstand your meaning. For example, maybe sometimes she would think that you are not interested in her. Here are some tips may help you out of confusion.

1.Body Language
Ways of interpersonal communication not only include the words you say but also include your body language. When you are dating a Harley woman, you should pay attention to use the right body language. For example, be sure to face your biker date even if you are sitting at the bar where has many other people around you. And you should learn to listen to what your motorcycle date is saying. In a word, while your mind is willing to say yes, please don’t let your body tell your biker partner that you are saying no.

This voice does not mean that you need to have the wonderful timbre or a beautiful singing voice. It means that you should say your words by using a monotone voice and say it in a good manner as well. If your tone is too high, your Harley babe would be troubled with it, which may make your babe think you are shouting at her. Of course, the most important thing is finding out the best voice to match your date’s tone. Because, it can make your girl feel more comfy and make you more easy-going.

3.Focus on your biker chick
It is common sense that all single biker women want to become the only super star in their motorcycle man’s heart. So if you hope to develop a good relationship with your motorcycle babe, you should always concentrate on her. During the dating with her, you would better not glance the strangers unless that you are not afraid of your babe’s leaving. Anyway, you should learn to become an earnest and single-minded biker man, and then your biker chick will love you wholeheartedly.

In fact, we need to master more dating skills, such as the suitable ways to answer the questions, the right biker dating table manners and so on. Some online dating websites for single Harley owners would offer you more related knowledge. You might as well go to get more useful information about online dating. Finally, Harley dating is a science which needs you to spend more time to learn. So it is a good thing for you to prepare it well in advance.

The Benefits For Joining Harley Owners Group

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Join Harley owners group and ride with a group of Harley Davidson riders

Do you know the true meaning of H.O.G? Just as its name implies, H.O.G is the abbreviation of Harley Owners Group which was established by Harley-Davidson in 1983 in order to provide an organized way for those enthusiastic Harley motorcycle riders to share their passion. There are lots of independent branches of H.O.G around the world, and you can join one local club wherever you are.

As is known to all, the most attractive thing for every Harley rider who own a Harley motorcycle is the culture of Harley Davidson. The local chapters will organize too many events to response to the desire of Harley lovers and deliver the soul of happy and excitement. That is why motorcyclists want to join the H.O.G. Besides, some other benefits of it are as follows:

If you go to buy a new Harley motorcycle, you will get a one year membership of the national H.O.G. It sounds like a very tempting news indeed, which can make your biker life more interesting. Because there are many other special member discounts may be offered by some of HOG clubs, you can even get the benefits for free sometimes. It is no secret that you will save much membership fee by this way in the future and enjoy the convenient and quick service at the same time.

There are still other small benefits for Harley men and Harley women, such as reading HOG magazine, learning safety skills of Harley riding and so on. Moreover, you can also express your own viewpoints about the development of H.O.G, and then send it to the head office. Maybe your suggestions will become true in the near future.

In the sense of biker’s emotion, Harley owner Group can provide the opportunity to single Harley men to meet up with their biker date or some other biker friends. When you search for your match and chat with each other online, you can invite your biker date to join your HOG club and let her or him know more about yourself. If you successfully find the ideal biker date of life by this way, please don’t forget to thank the H.O.G.

By the way, if you don’t know where or how to join the H.O.G., you can try to look through the related information on the biker dating websites. The information on the biker dating services will help you to choose the best club for you and teach some basic knowledge about the rules of the chapter.
In a word, national HOG events are generally worthwhile. The “quality” of events can and do vary greatly. Despite joining HOG is your personal decision, it will benefit us in any case. If you want to understand the use of it , just go to take part in it to date a biker.

Tips for Single Harley Riders who are Looking for a Harley dating

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Do you want to join a group wedding of Harley motorcycle riders?

As Harley motorcycle riders, we need relatives, friends and our own lover, because we are social animals. However the friends need us to make and the lover need us to find. So when you want to date with others, you should learn the manners and knowledge of Harley biker dating. Don’t think it is very easy or nothing important except that you want to always stay single.

With the development of liberalism and the lifestyle of bikers, there are many kinds of dating ways for us, you may feel confused with some of them. Although it seems like complicated and hard, you have to do something to prepare your next biker dating anyway. And there are some common tips for you.

1. Dress up yourself and prepare a small gift
As we know a good first impression represents the half of success, so you need to know the suitable dress style. If you meet your partner on dating sites for biker singles, you should go to understand his or her interests, habits and some other related things before your dating. And then according to the information to decide which type of present you should give. After all, as the saying goes, if you know yourself as well as the enemy, you will achieve success soon.

2. Focus on her/him and try to keep the relaxing atmosphere
Actually, no matter who is your date, you should always show that you are interested in her or him, and this is the premise. Because I think nobody like to communicate with a biker who like to look around. Besides, most of us usually feel embarrassed during a dating, so you should use some ways to overcome it. For example, when your partner for dating start a short silence, you need to talk some interesting topic right away to break this quiet, such as jokes. You know the laugher is the best and the most effective medicine to cure one’s nervous mood. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to your way of speaking, because, your date will judge the personality and quality of you on the basis of your behavior.

3. Express your emotion and be yourself
As far as we know, motorcyclists are wild and open, so you don’t need to shy, and you should brave to express your true feeling of your biker girl or boy. Just be yourself and let your partner see the real you which can help you avoid some unnecessary quarrel in the future. Only the sincere words and heart will move the person you love. Also the most important is that let you motorcycle babe know you are gentle, generous, always care her and want to catch her breath. In a word, you should make her or him feel comfortable to be with you.

4.Learn to observe and adjust to change circumstances
No one can forecast what will happen during your biker dating, and you also can’t make sure that everything will have a good development as your expect. So you must master the ability of adjusting to the changing environment. Of course, you should read your partner’s mood, such as happy and sad , and try to think what she or he is thinking. This is helpful for you to catch the steps of your biker lover.
In fact, there are more dating tips for single Harley riders on the biker dating sites, if you want to acquire more knowledge of dating for bikers, you can go to here, and welcome to join us.