What’s the best tent for your Harley motorcycle camping?

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What is your most romantic motorcycle camping when riding with your Harley partner?

There is no doubt that nothing will be more exciting than Harley motorcycle camping in single Harley rider’s world. If you want to experience a special motorcycle touring and camping with your biker babe, just ask her. She will receive your motorcycle dating invitation and will absolutely be satisfied with this plan if you prepare carefully. To make sure that your journey will be comfortable and safe, a suitable tent is very important.

Actually, choosing a tent for motorcycle camping is not easy, because there are too many kinds of choices, such as freestanding tens, solo tents, 4-season tents and so on. Obviously the solo tents need to be eliminated, because you are planning to go with your Harley woman. By the way, before you make the decision, you’d better ask your partners for their opinions. If you still feel confused about how to choose the best one, you can take the following advice.

1. Vango Banshee 200/300
This type of tent is famous for its strong quality and good shape, which are available for two or three persons. It is a 3-season tent which can provide more living and storage space than the solo tent. So this tent is able to meet your basic requirements if you don’t have other special requests.

2. REI Quarter Dome
This is the most frequently-cited motorcycle touring tent in the United States, which provides Harley riders a convenient way to reduce the excess baggage fees. Of course, you don’t need to carry it by yourself. This way, you can leave your motorcycle camping gear at home. Then after arriving at your destination, you can go to the nearest branch of REI . Their Quarter Dome range can contain two or three persons.

3. MSR Hubba Hubba/HP
The 2-person version of this tent is very popular, especially for single Harley riders. It features high quality of weatherproofing and ventilation, which enables it to adapt to different kinds of climates. Besides, the installation method of this kind of tent is simple to master. In general conditions, this type of tent might be the first choice for you.

4. Alternative Sleeping Systems
In fact, the tent is not your only choice on your outdoor motorcycle camping. If you don’t intend to go on a long journey, hammocks and small sleeping bags are entirely practical alternatives. Moreover, if you have enough money to support your motorcycle traveling, you can also choose some expensive tents, such as the Hilleberg Nallo. Of course, you should select the camping gears according to your true conditions.

With these different choices, you will have different motorcycle camping experiences. Certainly, there are a lot of other types of tents you can select. And if you are willing to know more about it, you might as well visit the dating sites for single bikers. It will offer you more details of motorcycle touring tips.